Over the years I have always found Unlimited Productions to be very professional, detail oriented and thorough. They are experts in what they do and very knowledgeable. They think ahead and take all possible scenario’s into account. Quotations are clear, structured and complete. Extra costs are always communicated beforehand, so that there are no surprises. Productions scripts are clear and complete.

Stefanie de Warrimont
Teamleader/Projectmanager, MCI Amsterdam

Clients are becoming more demanding and harder to impress. Every event calls for different needs and skills and therefore different suppliers and subcontractors. Because Unlimited Productions is an independent production company and they have extensive knowledge of the market, they are able to bring together the best suppliers for the job. Unlimited Productions has eye for detail and a thorough pre-production. Together we can deliver quality and meet the expectations of our clients.

Diederik Verwiel
Creative director / Owner, Verwiel - the creative agency

Unlimited Productions has a very professional team and they deliver high quality productions. They have eye for detail and they always aim to create the best show possible. The team is very dedicated and focused on their job. While on the road there is always a great atmosphere between me and the team.

Tijs Verwest
DJ & Producer, Tiësto

It is wonderful to work with a passionate club of professionals who do their job with ambition every day!

Patrick Roubroeks
Founding director, Xsaga

All the times I have been working with Unlimited, their service has been around 110%. I really like that at Unlimited Productions you can get the whole package. From design (together with us), through pre-production, load in, show and load out. I will for sure recommend Unlimited Productions to other companies. I don’t know any other company that can do the same. They are top professionals and really nice people all the way around.

Allan Ottesen Thorup
General production manager, Down The Drain Productions (Tinderbox, NorthSide & Haven Festival)

A very professional company, characterized by originality, pro-activity and excellent coordination between all suppliers involved. They very much live up to their promise of making things as easy as possible for their client. Especially the shown 'team-players' mentality has struck me in a very positive way.

Felix Lemmens
Managementteam, Nationale Taptoe

Unlimited Productions is always very dedicated, proactive and professional. Whether working on the stage design or working on a light plan. You know that Unlimited Productions will deliver in time and with quality. They always honour their commitments. Also, Unlimited Productions is always willing to share knowledge, for instance about Vectorworks.

Maarten Stok
Co-Owner, BOD Events

Our collaboration with Unlimited Productions is a real pleasure. We work closely together guided by a shared mindset to deliver high quality solutions to our clients. Unlimited Productions handles all projects with flexibility, professionalism and efficiency, all the while showing great levels of agility and empathy. What makes Unlimited Productions stand out is its capabilities in offering a complete array of technical production services from A to Z, as well as their drive to provide solutions of the highest standards.

Peter-Willem Burgmans
Managing Director, MCI Amsterdam

The world is their playing field which you can tell by the way they work and think. They pay attention to every detail while never losing sight of the big picture. Together with Unlimited Productions, Onze Kapel created a unique event in the port of Singapore. It was a pleasure working with the entire team.

Maarten Schrama
Account & Operational Director, Onze Kapel