Unlimited Productions is a full service production company offering technical-, creative concepts, high-end designs and quality event productions. With a diverse client portfolio consisting of event organizations, multinationals and event promoters the company is active on an international scale within the field of live communication, such as; corporate events, public events, sports, government and artists.

A service company for audiovisual related solutions such as sound, light, video, rigging, staging, structures, professional crew and site equipment.

Following the four fase blueprint with a key focus on event- and production management, Unlimited Productions accompanies her clients from definition to concept, into pre-production and technical Production.



Based upon the initial briefing of the client we define the step by step process needed to establish, build and deliver the expectation(s) and imagination(s) of our clients into a “what you see is what you get” format.


In the concept outline all components will be merged into a master technical drawing format which provides all necessary data for pre-production and budget allocation.


Deliver the pre-production for all disciplines involved; planning & communication, back office, budget allocation & control, update all drawings, delivery of the production book, pre- programming for all AV & content disciplines, risk assessment.


Production of the event on-site with the operational production team, vendors and suppliers. Including event management, production, logistics, site and health & safety management.