De Dating Quiz | Dutch TV Show 2021

Technical production
Talpa Entertainment Productions
October 2021
Hilversum - The Netherlands

For the Dutch TV show ‘De Dating Quiz’ we worked hard on the technical production. In this unique dating show, singles get to know each other better through quizzing. In this way participants not only have the chance to win money, but maybe they’ll also meet the love of their lives!

Commissioned by Talpa Entertainment Producties, we are glad to be a part of this unique show. We had a nice collaborate with Harald Kassies, Light-H-Art, Neef Hijstechniek, Ampco – Flashlight Rental, Faber Audiovisuals, Stagebrothers, SoulMates InterActive, InterStage BV, Egripment Camera Support, NEP The Netherlands and Marketgraph. Thank you all for this successful project!

Photography by Harald Kassies